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Gut Health with Karissa Cutler

March 15, 2023 Shelby and Alanna Episode 20
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Gut Health with Karissa Cutler
Show Notes

In this episode Karissa Cutler who is a Clinical Nutritionist and specializes in Functional Medicine will walks us through the importance of having good gut health and how she stands with her clients as she works with them. Without good gut health it can have a rippling effect on our everyday living. There are so many benefits to healing our gut:
- increased energy
- improve overall digestion system 
- help keep down or heal inflammation
- help process hormones in our system
- decrease bloating
- heal underlying conditions that often go unaddressed

You wont want to miss some of these tools that will potentially give you a better quality of life and she gave three tips to help improve gut health that you can do at home! 

If you want to contact Karissa:
 IG @karissacutlerwellness or email at karissacutlerccn@gmail.com

Website endobattery.com